We implement the basis of the preschool and kindergarten education curriculum based on the Maria Montessori programme. The basic programme is realized during the daily work of children from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The program is implemented in a fully equipped Montessorian Studio. The workshop has 5 thematic sections:

– Daily life
– Sensorship
– Mathematics
– Language
– Culture

The studio is run by qualified Montessori teachers:
Magdalena Szcześniewska, Iwona Szczypior, Marlena Szymańska.


– The essence of Maria Montessori’s Pedagogy is that each child is different and there is an individual developmental plan for each child. Through his or her skills, competences and abilities, the child follows this plan, which enables him or her to learn more effectively and efficiently.
– Montessori’s pedagogy is characterised by respect for the child and the child’s effort to work, study and play. There is no assessment, competition and rush. A very important assumption of Montessori pedagogy is also the fact that children between 3 and 5 years of age form one group in which older children help younger and younger children learn from older children, creating a diverse but cooperating social group.
– In the Montessorian kindergartens, children love learning, experiencing and discovering thanks to a quickly developed independence. They have an opportunity to get to know material that goes beyond the framework of pre-school knowledge – geography, history of the earth, botany, mathematics or astronomy, because who said that the child is not interested…?


English classes are held in our kindergarten 5x per week.

5 x weekly / with proven and appreciated “Action per minute” method – a dynamic system of classes taking care of a large number of repetitive words and phrases. Our teacher, Agata Kaufman specializes in teaching children from 2.5 years of age and has a Cambridge Educational Partner certificate.

2 x per week / classes with a native speaker accompanied by guitar.
Adam Mold, AMBERS Creative English Drama & Music promotes music and English language learning in a creative way.

Adam is a teacher of Montessori and the founder of Steel Band, who introduces children to the world of music using extraordinary and unique musical instruments Steel Pans (Caribbean Boilers) from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. These instruments came to Gdynia from Great Britain in July 2013 and are very popular among enthusiasts of unusual sounds. More info at www.ambershire.pl/steelband.


General development program prepared for preschool children, conducted by coach Filip Puzyra. The classes are very popular among girls and boys alike – all of them participate in exercises…!


During ballet classes, children and especially young girls can fulfill their dream of becoming primabalerine… The classes are conducted by trainer Ewa Wołcz, a graduate of the National Ballet School in Gdańsk.


Singing and dancing with lively music accompaniment are conducted by Klaudia Kosiorowska, graduate of the Faculty of Rhythmics, Second Stage State Music School in Rzeszów. Classes are aimed at improving the movement of the body, musicalisation and learning to sing.

Wonderful forms and colours, textures and techniques, all this comes out of the hands of our preschoolers…
The classes are conducted by Beata Buczyńska…

Games and leisure activities on the beach

Free-leisure activities with elements of team games. From spring to late autumn, we move our activities to the beach, where we play on the sea shore, enjoying the wonderful aura and the surrounding nature…

The beach, which is right next to the kindergarten, serves us as a place to do most of the activities, children most willingly use their imagination and invent their own games, which are characterized by unusual originality and creativity…


Theater classes allow children to develop their imagination, play the roles of different characters and through collective performances, often overcome timidity. The activities are accompanied by great fun and group integration. The classes are conducted by Marcelina Szczuraszek, an actress of the Dreams Theatre and a graduate of The Movement Theatre.


We are under constant supervision of a speech therapist who traines with children the correct pronunciation together with correction of pronunciation defects. Sessions take place once a week in the form of individual classes for children who need to correct their pronunciation.

Classes are conducted by Sylwia Losvik.

Adaptation classes

The first moments in kindergarten can be difficult for both children and parents. We therefore recommend that parents get acquainted with our club during classes by accompanying children during the adaptive week in individually agreed hours.

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