The right atmosphere and space are created above all by the right people, hence our attention to finding, training and motivating our staff.

Our leading teachers are professional Montessori teachers, certified by the Polish Institute of Montessori and the Gordon Communication Center.

That is why each of our teachers finds great satisfaction in working with children, using the assumptions of Montessori pedagogy and training of the successful teacher by Thomas Gordon.

The staff

Ewinga Piękoś

Director / Owner

+48 791 781 020

Samer Tarcha

Administration / Organisation

+48 600 996 559

Magda Szcześniewska

Montessori teacher

Anna Płociak

Montessori teacher

Marlena Szymańska

Montessori teacher

Kasia Lis-Radomska


Joanna Dzietczyk

English teacher

Klaudia Kosiorowska


Anna Radzis


Filip Puzyr


Bogna Pniewska

Visual arts

Ewa Wolcz


Zuzanna Leszczyńska

Correction classes

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