How do I enroll my child into the Lalala Montessori Club Kindergarten?

If we have a free place in the kindergarten then you can register your child in 3 simple steps.
If we have not available space in the kindergarten, you can put your child on the reserve list or you can book a place for the next school year.


Make arrangements to observe our kindergarten

Please contact us to arrange a suitable appointment date for both parties in the kindergarten. Both parents are invited to watch, during which time you will need to be fully attentive and focused so that you can observe the specific nature of the preschool work. After 30 minutes of observation, we will invite you to an interview during which we will answer your questions and present the concept of our kindergarten.

Sign a contract with Lalala Montessori Club

If you have become acquainted with our organisation’s operating principles and accepted them, you are welcome to sign the agreement.

Start the adaptation week with your child

Now you can join our kindergarten by accompanying your child in an adaptation week. Adaptation hours are extended from one hour on the first day to five hours on the last day of the adaptation week. Thanks to this, the child joyfully and gently joins the group of preschoolers. If necessary, the parent will stay with the child until the child is fully adapted in the kindergarten.

Application Form


Parent’s information

Child’s information

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